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Areas of Practice

Legal support for individuals, families, and businesses.

Areas of Practice



Ms. Brugman's experience and services include but are not limited to:

  • Incorporation, revival, or dissolution
  • Obtaining a HST number, GST, Payroll Deductions Account; Federal Import/Export Tax Account
  • Registration of a corporate name or change of name
  • Share purchase agreement, articles of amendment
  • Minute book preparation, share transfer, dividend sale
  • Domain purchase and registration
  • Certificate of non-filing


Ms. Brugman can help you with the PURCHASE or SALE of your Residential property. Property types include homes, condominiums, and duplexes, and vacant land.

A lawyer is needed in real estate transactions to do many behind the scenes work that ensures you have title to your property free of claims, unpaid bills, and other minor and major problems.

  • Purchases and Sales
  • Review of Agreement of Purchase and Sales
  • Title insurance needs
  • Mortgages and financing agreements
  • Construction liens
  • Leases
  • Mortgage and re-financing registration
  • Change of name on title
  • Official plan interpretation
  • Planning Act searching, interpretation, and more
  • Severing land and obtaining minor variances
  • Title searching (to ensure there are no claims on the property you are purchasing, no liens, or mortgages owing, and more)
  • Easements and right of ways
  • Calculate land transfer tax, property taxes due on closing, draw up legal documents, draw up mortgage documents, etc.
  • Register and transfer title online for quick and speedy closings


Wills and Estates is a section of law that deals with the drafting of wills, power of attorney (POA) documents, living wills (or health care directives), as well as the planning and administration of an estate. Brugman Law can assist you in planning for your future, now. Estate planning is effective in reducing estate administrative tax (or probate), ensuring support for any young or adult dependants, and ensuring your wishes are heard and followed. Wills and POA documents are important at any age! Did you just open a business? Get married? Have children? Or simply haven't updated your will in 20 years? Then you should think about having Alexandra Brugman help you with your estate planning needs, today!

*Home visits can be arranged should the need arise.



Alexandra K. Brugman is a Notary Public. Services ALSO include drafting documents to be notarized such as travel letters, court documents, and more.

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Brugman Law offers all Family Law services incuding representation, independent legal advice, domestic contracts, conducting research, discovery, compiling evidence, and more.

We work on most issues including Custody and Access, Child and Spousal Support, Property Division, Cohabitation Agreements, and more.

*Retainer can be paid in full or topped up as needed.
*Evening and weekend appointments can be arranged

FAmily law - unbundled services

Pay for only what you need!

This is for the self-represented litigant who would prefer to not retain a lawyer but have some coaching. This is a nice option for those who do not qualify for legal aid, but cannot afford a lawyer throughout the entire legal process, or someone who wishes to pay up front each time they meet with the lawyer. This allows them to have a sense of control over the cost of the process which the typical retainer process may not provide for them.